I travel through my life and feel like an explorer in my work.

The energy of nature is what fascinates me. Organic Power. I am aware that nature is in a continuous state of change. By visualizing this motion I learn to understand the primal force.

With the materials I work with, pure pigments, water and pastels, I explore how to create a monumental form to get natural forces on paper. Like wind, fire, growth and storm. The flow of lines and the use of pigments, applied layer by layer lead you to this growth.

When I try to get natural abstraction on paper, like a tree in the wind or rain, I am not working on form, but on structure and rhythm caused by wind and falling rain. It’s an experience in time and space that I transfer on paper, the energy of the moment.

I visualize the light of various seasons or the hour of the day, the temperature of the earth, the way water is absorbed by roots of trees or just the light reflected by a tree in moonlight. Every drawing is a revelation.

I have the desire to stay in contact with nature, the origin of life. My work leads me to the source of our existence.