changes 1 70 x 100 cm

1982 changes
‘12 beeldhouwers in aorta’, amsterdam

groupshow, organized by pjotter müller, peter giele, aldert mantje and harald vlugt, in which the working process is part of the exhibition.
the process is not to carve but to shape the sculpture.

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changes 5 20 x 30 cm

changes 6 20 x 30 cm

centre of art aorta


centre of art aorta

aorta 1982
“…Major chaos is a quality. This means that solid forms are detached and consequently become dynamic. It is like an explosion, a loud bang which shakes the very foundation of what once seemed to be solid matter. It demands a new approach from the viewer, he will have to quake along, something within him has to be happening, he must have noticed the symptoms, set norms and values are reorganized. All that is happening here in Aorta… ”
Cornelius Rogge, november 1982

“…The principal of Aorta is to work continuously, even during the exhibitions of the artists involed.
This created a constant level of activity, contrary to the atmosphere of every gallery and museum. The audience is introduced to the creative process and the artist within that process. They saw the doubt, the changes, the failures and the victories – the creation.
This eliminated the mystical atmosphere of untouchability which traditionally surrounds the artist, and created a very open relationship, both between audienceart- artist and between artists and their art. This guided process ultimately results in a fundamentally more interesting end product…”

Peter Giele, november 1982